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Blood Cancer Discovery 2021

Overcoming Acquired Epigenetic Resistance to BTK Inhibitors

Arthur L. Shaffer III and Louis M. Staudt, et al.

Lymphoid Malignancies Branch
National Cancer Institute
National Institutes of Health
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892
1. Access to Raw High-Throughput Datasets:
  • Readme_rawData_info.xlsx
  • Fig_2_scRNAseq_10X.tar
  • Fig_3_HBL1.TCF4.ChIPseq.hg19.wig.gz
  • Rest of raw datasets are availabe at NCBI database
2. Additional Supplementary Data:
  • SUPFigures IBR ms.docx
  • SUPMethods IBR.docx
  • SUPTable Oligos and Primers.xlsx
  • SUP_TABLE_X. Additional EXOME SEQ on IRpools from ABC lines.xlsx
  • SUP_TABLE_Y. HBL1_TMD8 barcode evolution raw counts.txt
  • SUP_TABLE_Z. HBL1 EBC data.xlsx
3. Official Supplementary Data (Same to the ones on journal's website):
  • SUPTable1_Epigenetic Ibrutinib Resistance in ABC DLBCL lines.xlsx
  • SUPTable2_Tracking the evolution of ibrutinib resistance phenotypes.xlsx
  • SUPTable3_Epigenetic retuning of oncogenic signaling in ibrutinib resistance.xlsx
  • SUPTable4_Altered dependencies in ibrutinib resistant ABC DLBCL.xlsx
  • SUPTable5_RAC2 as a mediator of epigenetic ibrutinib resistance.xlsx
  • SUPTable6_RAC2 protein interactions are a marker of epigenetic ibrutinib resistance .xlsx
  • SUPTable7_Targeting epigenetic resistance to BTK inhibitor treatment in ABC DLBCL.xlsx

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